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Raw Talent x Living the Scheme MMG presents B…

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Raw Talent x Living the Scheme MMG presents B…

Tech Junkie : Tablet Wars (Ipad Vs Tab Vs Playbook)

by Ja3mik3 on 09/30/2010

tablet wars Tech Junkie : Tablet Wars (Ipad Vs Tab Vs Playbook)

Aiight Vcrack fam if you didnt know Im a tech head. Stay on the latest tech trends and gadgets.  The latest gadgets are tablets , tablets, tablets.  The Rickey Rozay of tablets is the Ipad sitting on top but coming for that spot are two new entrys.

The Samsung Tab

images Tech Junkie : Tablet Wars (Ipad Vs Tab Vs Playbook)

And newcomer to the Tablet Game

Blackberry Playbook

blackpad0077945 Tech Junkie : Tablet Wars (Ipad Vs Tab Vs Playbook)

What are you reppin #teamiphone, #teamdroid, or #teamblackberry. One thing for certain is that the tablet game is redesigning the computer game the higher the rom in the tablets the lower the cost of laptops and desktops. This will cause a whole new market of communication between users, especially with Skype applications downloaded on the tablets giving streaming capabilities.

Apple’s Ipad has picked up where the Iphone left off. Thousands of Iheads flocked to the Ipad due to Apple’s air tight software and innovation at a constant flow to the public. With that said I cant blame them, Apples marketing is genius, they provide they public what they want with a easy UI (User Interface). The Ipad has loads of applications, accessories and devices that it is compatible with it from launch.Ipad Specs

The tablet Im peeping is the Samsung Tab. Androids platform is fully customizable from the font to background, ringtone and video tones, clock widget to weather widget. It has become widely popular spreading amongst all the carriers and surpassed apple handset marketshare. One fact that sets the Tab apart from the Ipad and Playbook Reasoning being that when the tablet is rooted it may be the only tablet that allows telephony (Ability to make phone calls), which will combine the cpu / celluar world with one device. Tab Specs

Blackberry (Rim) for sure will have a following from all the other “CrackBerry” Users. It will have Rim’s newest software 6.0 on the device optimized for touch screens. The 6.0 software allows rim to be more multimedia friendly to different formats of entertainment such as social networking, streaming video, to business productivity. One major feature that sets Rim apart from other platforms is the BBM feature that users swear by. The BBM feature acts as a im that direct connects to BBM users blackberry pin no matter the location that allow transfer of msgs and files.Playbook Specs

pixel Tech Junkie : Tablet Wars (Ipad Vs Tab Vs Playbook)

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